The DDI Canvas is guiding users in exploring all relevant dimensions on the supply and demand side of a data-driven innovation in systematic manner.

Anticipate customer's future demands
Understand the data assets that are available
Select the right tools for data-driven innovations
Deliver your innovation to specific users
Whom else is required to develop the data driven innovation
Understand keyplayer, dynamics an leverages of innovation ecosystems
Leverage network effects on data, infrastructure and marketplace level
How to develop a business and earn money?
Choose an optimal market position


DDI Guiding Questions that support users in exploring each dimension in more detail by carefully selected deep dives.


DDI Guiding Questions that support users in exploring each dimension in more detail by carefully selected deep dives.

Value Proposition Designer

Focus on user needs (instead on technology) is key to add value through data. The starting point for any data driven innovation is a comprehensive and clear value proposition.

Data Explorer

Get a systematic, in-depth overview of the kind of data you need to set up your data driven solution. Analyze how feasible this data is for your recent and future business.

Data Processing Analyzer

Recognize the underlying functionalities of various data analytics and semantic technologies. Understand how they fit to different types of data sources.

Data Application Analyzer

Explore how to generate value with new and / or existing data. Realize how to support and automate human decision-making processes.

Partner Evaluator

Identify necessary co-innovation partners. Understand the importance of their contributions and identify strategic options to mitigate potential risks.

Ecosystem Strategizer

Recognize your most important co-adoption partners. Identify associated risks and develop appropriate strategies to manage your ecosystem.

Network Effects Navigator

Understand network effects and their dynamics to build better data-driven products and services. Investigate strategies to leverage those effects.

Revenue Roadmap

Select a promising revenue strategy. Combine different revenue streams and continuously adapt them to support the growth of your business.

Business Strategy Board

Assess different ways of positioning your data-driven offering in a market. Identify the most promising way to succeed in business.