Together with carefully selected partners we are able to provide a range of offerings that will support start-ups, SME’s and larger organizations to successfully develop and expand their data-driven business.

  • In highly customized, interactive workshops companies can gain practical experience of how to apply the DDI Framework and Canvas for either an in-depth check of all relevant factors of data-driven business opportunities, or as a tried-and-tested approach how to systematically address in-house challenges for data-driven innovation.
  • Individual sparring sessions with key persons being responsible for driving data-driven businesses provide guidance for any question related to our DDI Framework and specific use-cases.
  • Together with our partner Evalea we have developed a self-assessment and monitoring tool for CEO’s, decision makers and responsible project leads. This tool kit is meant to support the decision-making process for – often costly – efforts and investments in data-driven initiatives. Once the homework is done, it helps to stay on track while implementing the necessary steps within your own organization.

Please get in CONTACT with us if you are interested and want to know more about one of these tailer-made offerings.