The Data-driven Innovation (DDI) Framework

Addresses the challenges of identifying and scoping of data-driven innovation in an efficient manner
Will guide you in scoping promising data-driven business opportunities by reflecting the dynamics of supply and demand:
It is based on a conceptual ontology that is able to describe the most important dimensions of supply and demand of data-driven innovation
It is backed by empirical data and scientific research
Was developed and tested in the context of the Horizon 2020 BDVe project.

The DDI Framework encompasses a Canvas and Guiding questions

The DDI Canvas will guide you explore all relevant dimensions of on the supply and demand side of a data-driven innovation
The DDI Guiding Questions will guide you through the process of addressing answering all aspects questions required for exploring, scoping and implementing data-driven innovations.
Dimensions describe the supply and demand side of data-driven innovation

Value Proposition

What are user needs?

Data & Technology

What data and technology is required for your application?

Partner / Ecosystem

For what reason do you need to partner? What are you planning to do yourself? How to establish the partnership?

Network strategy

How to harness network effects?

Revenue Strategy & Type of business

How to make money? And how to bring our product to the market?

How to use the DDI Framework?


Brainstorming the Supply Side

Step 2

Scoping your Offering

Step 3

Brainstorming the Demand Side

Step 4

Scoping your Data-Driven Solution

The DDI Framework is based on empirical research

Based on our results of a quantitative and representative study of more than 90 data-driven business opportunities
We identified success patterns of successful data-driven Innovation

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